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Recommended Products Product Features Application system Application advantage
JTR-719 The product is sulfuric acid titanium dioxide, which is surface modified by silicon, zirconium aluminum inorganic coating and organic treatment. The particle size distribution is moderate, and it has excellent whiteness, hiding, weather resistance, gloss, dispersion and other characteristics. Improve pigment efficiency and stable quality.
This product is suitable for
coatings of various systems:
1. Water-based paint. 2. Oil-based paint.
3. Powder coating. 4. Latex paint.
5. In printing ink.
This product is a general-purpose titanium dioxide, which can be used in various coating systems to improve the application performance of the coating in terms of color, weather resistance and spraying. And can be suitably used in plastics, rubber, ink and other industries.
JTR-739 The product is surface modified by silico-aluminum-zirconium inorganic coating and organic treatment, with moderate particle size distribution, excellent whiteness, covering, weather resistance, dispersion and other characteristics. 1. Water-based paint. 2. Powder coating. Used in water-based coatings and powder coatings to improve the application of coatings in terms of color, weather resistance and film formation. Enhance the practicality of the coating.
JTCR-539 The product is chlorinated titanium dioxide, which is surface-modified by zirconium aluminum inorganic coating and organic treatment, with small particle size, uniform distribution, dispersibility, and easy and rapid dispersion. The product has both hiding power and gloss, and can provide bright whiteness with blue undertones.
This product is suitable
for all kinds of coatings:
1. Indoor architectural coatings.
2. Outdoor architectural coatings.
3. Industrial coatings.
It can be used in all kinds of coatings, and its good weather resistance makes it flexible for all kinds of indoor and outdoor coatings.